Halloween in EF

Halloween at school

The 31th of October is always a big holiday here in the US maybe that’s why we got free from school so that we could celebrate this with all international students but I also saw a few locals at school. First we had to go into our own classrooms where we had to carve out 2 pumpkins to compete in the pumpkin competition. This is a competition where we compare all the pumpkins and the winner get’s a free ice cream/pizza party, the second prize is only a pizza party and the third place is only an ice cream party if I remembered it correctly.

When everybody finished they’re pumpkins we had a cozy little party with the class and after that the whole school gathered around at the parking lot for the costume competition between the student and between the teachers. The teacher’s first place was the space couple and the student’s first place I do not recall. When this was done we had a pinata and we gathered around this pinata to hit it so that all the candy would come out of it.


This was pretty much my halloween because I had to play a important soccer match that evening.

Sebastiaan Han

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