2018 Halloween Day

Alejandra Cabanas, Spain.

Yesterday was 31stof October, twhich means it was the Halloween day. In Spain,we celebrate it, but if I compare it I couldnt say we celebrate. Here, in America they it like a really celebration, they do a real party for it!

It was such a good experience for me to expend this famous day here in Santa Barbra. It was the first Halloween for many years that I had dressedp. I dont know exacly what I wanted to seem, But I did my make up and wore black clothes.


In EF they had prepareda competition of the best costumes. I tookictures of one of the best in my opinion.

IMG_5404 (1).PNGThis one was the final winner of the competition.IMG_5377.JPGThis is my friend Sara, that asked for a Krean friend to write on her face.

IMG_5335.JPGThese are my friends Oscar and Lucien whose dressed up as the freakys of the school, it was so funny!IMG_5322.JPG And finally, this is my roommate and friend, Celine, she looked really scary.

Also, EF prepared another competition about pumkis decorating, and I took a picture of my personal favourite one.IMG_5405.PNG

So, as a conclusion, it was a really nice day thet i have never experienced.

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