Spanish food

Andrea Rojas Fernandez, Spain.

One of the most important things that there are in Spain is the gastronomy. There are a lot of different types of food and many specialties.

For example, one of the most important is the good cured food that we have there. For example the ham, cheese…

jamon iberico.jpg

Secondly, another thing that characterizes Spain is the typical Spanish omelet.There are different forms to cook it and the ingredients can vary. My favorite only uses potatoes, onion and eggs. I have eaten it also with ham and sausage.


Furthermore the shellfish that we have is so good, a typical Spanish plate is the “Pulpo a la Gallega”. It is served with cooked potato or potato puree. The most important thing for this dish is that it isn’t very cooked. The cook used to use pepper to give more flavor.

pulpo a la gallega.jpg

One meal that we used to do a lot in summer is “Gazpacho” or “Salmorejo”. It is a soup of tomato that has a lot of different types of ingredients and it is so healthy and cold. So it is one of my favorite foods in the summer. The differences between salmorejo and gazpacho are the ingredients. The Salmorejo only has tomato, garlic, oil and bread. However the Gazpacho also has pepper and cucumber. These meals used to be served with egg and ham.



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