Could Venice Be Cleaner Like It Used To Be Once?

Arianna Ferrari, Italy

I’m sure you all have heard about Venice and how amazing is, which is true, but it’s also true that Venice is overrun with tourists and that could be a problem for people who live there. I’m just an Italian girl who lives in a small city near Venice, like 30 minutes by car and that’s why I often go to Venice. I love the city, but sometimes it’s hard to stay there. I mean, there are a lot of tourists who don’t respect the city and the environment; they just forget that they are in a city that it’s not theirs.

This year, I graduated and I had to decide where I would go for my studies at university and Venice has a great university for what I would like to do, but the thing is that I refused to go there just because of the chaos of the city. Sometimes people think that  local people overreact about the tourists and sometimes I also heard about people who said that local people treated them ruedly, but in my opinion, for a person who lives there and has to deal with that problem everyday, it’s not so easy.

I just ask one thing to the tourists: be more respectful. Venice is a really beautiful and a unique city in the world and it’s bad to ruin the city in this way.

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