How Social Media Influence Our Lives and Why That Should Stop

Lucija Krmpotic, Germany

“There is no need to do what others are doing. You must do what truly matters to you” (Unknown) is something we have to keep in mind to live happy lives.

There are more and more people all over the world thinking that they have to be like someone else to be accepted and loved in this world. That is the reason why so many of us are pretending to be someone else and not truly who we are. When we open our social media profiles we just see a perfect world with perfect pictures of perfect looking people living a perfect lives. We start to think about ourselves and how much we would like to be like one of these “perfect” people. This is a big problem nowadays because it can and actually leads to many dangerous trends and lifestyles. Some of these dangerous trends are the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge where people have to suck the lips in a glass until having a vacuum inside to get lips like Kylie Jenner or the Sunburn Art Challenge where challengers have to create a pattern on an area of your body and let the sun burn the unprotected skin. By following all those trends and doing all those challenges you get nothing for yourself but dangerous risks about your own life.

In my opinion, it is totally the wrong way to live your life by pretending to be someone you are not and you will never be. In reality, nobody’s life is perfect and there is no “perfect” person. So before you start pretending to be someone else, you have to ask yourself if this is the right way to live. Is it really worth it to spend your whole time thinking about who you want to be like and what you want to pretend to like? But wouldn’t it just feel better to be the person you really are doing things you really like? Every person is unique on its own way. So why wouldn’t we just stay what and who we are and start enjoying our lives with things that truly matter in life? I really hope that people will realize that it is not worth it to spend the time you have to do nice things on thinking about how you could change your life for everybody but yourself. You just have one life so do the things you love and try the things that really interest you.

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