Jewelry in Santa Barbara

Katharina Krainick, Germany


One of the oldest ways to decorate and express oneself. Jewelry has been around for ages and lots of people cannot imagine their everyday life without them. They just give your outfit the personality it needs, right? So for those who love to find new unique masterpieces all around Santa Barbara you should stick to this article. There are lot of great shops and also markets where you can find them, just keep your eyes open. But I will talk about my favorite one, because there are just way too many shops to talk about.

First of all, there are not only such things as Tiffany, Forever 21 or H&M where you can get jewelry. No! Santa Barbara has so much more to offer. I was surprised to discover all the wonderful places where you can find jewelry and the variety that is offered here. And of all the places I’ve been to, this still is my favorite. Its called…

plum goods

For all those who love handmade jewelry this place will be great. It is located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. They also sell other stuff like books, clothes, body care and more . The shop runs 24 different lines of jewelers, but let me just show you the most popular ones.

The most popular designer in this shop is called Lily Lambert. She has been in business for around 20 years and she is doing great. Her jewelry has a magical touch, everything seems so spiritual. For her, everything, even the smallest stone on here jewelry, has a meaning. She actually believes in magic which in my opinion really is wonderful and so interesting. 

If your looking for jewelry  recycled out of  gold and silver you definitely should stick to the line called Tumbleweed. Also recycled is the jewelry from the brand called Article 22, their jewelry is actually made out of bombs of course just the silver jewelry. There are no such things as golden bombs haha. At least I hope that they don’t exist. By supporting this brand you are helping Vietnamese farmers.

Also local designers are represented in this shop one of them is called Hide and Stone. The designer is an elementary school teacher in Santa Barbara and the other designer, who I unfortunately don’t know the name of anymore, is 22 years old and also lives in Santa Barbara. She learned how to make jewelry at City College and her jewelry is made out of see glass which really is inventive.

Here are a few more pictures of the beautiful jewelry that you can buy in this store…




I would recommend that you visit this place and maybe you will find your next favourite IT piece.


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