Soccer Culture

By Simon Kjellgren, Sweden

For Americans, soccer is just something you drive your daughter to. A world cup they always think they’ll win despite just being no.28 on the FIFA world ranking. For the rest of the world, it’s more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. We live and breath soccer, some fans even kill and die for their club. The club is our god, the fans of that club is our family and the stadium is our home, our church. Soccer is a religion, a religion with thousands of gods. The leader of all those gods? Sadly FIFA. I’ll explain later.

tifo2Borussia Dortmund TIFO

The fans are the most important thing a club can have. It sounds cheesy I know, but there’s a reason fans are called “the 12th player”. They provide atmosphere around the stadium; they provide electric chants that energize the players. Most importantly, they provide TIFOs. A TIFO is a synchronized display before the game starts, with banners, flags and songs that the team march in to.

One thought on “Soccer Culture

  1. The place soccer takes in our lives in Europe is huge, crazy! Everybody knows about the main European teams and players. Everybody has watched a Champions League or World Cup game and we all have our little favorites. I am really glad that nowadays American people are getting more interested in this amazing sport, but that also scares me a little bit. We all know that when the grandeur and the huge financial means they can give to make a sport progress can destroy the childish atmosphere that sill dominates in the European stadiums. But let’s wait and see how it goes in the next decade… Nina


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