Vintage clothes

Bernou Hazelhoff Roelfzema, The Netherlands

Why would you want to buy vintage clothes or recycle your clothes? Here are some good reasons why.

  1. Vintage clothes prevents the creating of more greenhouse gas
  2. It conserves energy
  3. It generates new materials
  4. It is easy!
  5. It is fashionable

1) Clothes are mostly made of organic material, meaning that it originates from natural sources and that it is biodegradable, but rubbish heaps are not giving the clothes enough oxygen to let the organic material break down. It will develop to anaerobic digestion. The progress will result in dangerous greenhouse gases, in a dump. The gases will go into the atmosphere, which will lead to the globing warming. When you recycle 100 million pounds of clothes it has an effect on the environment equivalent to removing 26,000-35,000 cars from the road.

2) The process of making clothes takes a lot of energy. Every item goes through  manufacturing process that uses a lot of electricity and water.

3) Clothes that aren’t suitable for reuse should still be recycled! Even if they are torn or stained, old clothes can be turned into wiping rags, insulation, paper, yarn, and more. It costs less to make these items from recycled textiles than virgin materials, saving both money and resources.

4) Even though you can’t put your clothes into your curbside-recycling bin, recycling them has never been easier. There are thousands of bins across the states, conveniently located by the places you frequent the most like schools, grocery stores, and strip malls so you don’t have to go out of your way to help the environment.



5) Vintage or second-hand clothes are also stylish. If you match some new and old clothes, or over sized clothes with skinny clothes you will have a cute outfit. You can just go crazy with it. It is all up to you. You will also help the environment.biikiissshhh

I often go to thriftshops to buy second hand clothes because of the reasons above this. In my home country we have a few stores but also here in Santa Barbara you have a few nice ones. Some clothes do look really bad, but you need to just keep looking and you will find something.

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