You Have To Risk It Once in a While

Barbara Funicello, Italy


Have you ever thought to jump from a bridge tied to a rope? Would you leave your country and travel around the world?  How likely is that you would try food made from an animal you’ve never eaten before? If you would do any of these things, it means that you are and adventurous risk-taker and you seek excitement.

1 Bungee Jumping

Anyway, not everybody here would be ready to venture into new experiences, especially the dangerous ones. In fact, people usually play it safe: they prefer to live in their routine, stay in their comfort zone and they don’t want to deal with something that is not familiar for them. Apparently, this attitude reduces the possibilities of negative consequences, but is it really good for us, or does it have some bad aspects?

1 tv

Jean-Paul Sartre says that “to know what life is worth, you have to risk it once in a while“. He means that if we always avoid risks, our lives would become boring and monotonous. It may be harming our chances to improve and enrich ourselves. For this reason, sometimes it’s important to take a risk and try to exceed our limits little by little.


Furthermore, many studies demonstrated that taking risks helps people to develop skills like creativity, confidence, problem-solving, perseverance. Instead, dull people can’t be versatile, able to adapt to different situations and face problems to find good solutions.

2 creativity

On the other hand, it’s better not to do dangerous activities to excess for our health and security. Everyone should strike a reasonable balance appreciating the importance of risk-taking in a sensible way, just to spice our lives up a little bit and make them more interesting.Risk-vs-Safe

In my life, I always try everything new because every experience teaches me something and helps me to grow up. My last adventure was to decide to come here, in Santa Barbara, far from my country, from my family and my friends. It was a hard decision since I came here alone, but I put fear aside. I’m going to leave this Sunday and I can definitely say that it was great: I met new friends from all over the world, I learned a lot about myself and I saw beautiful places. I simply recommend to everyone to dive into life.

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