The Sport in the People’s Lives

      By Alexia Colucci from France.

   Sport is omnipresent in our lives. The majority of people give sports a place well-defined in their lives, whether large or small, that it’s for their health, for the education of their children, their hobbies. Obviously, everyone is not passionate about the same sport ,but sport itself brings people together.
We don’t go a day without seeing someone do a sport or without hearing about sports on television. Even the big nations struggle between them for the organization of competitions like the Olympic Games.

                           Résultats de recherche d'images pour « jeux olympiques »  
To learn about the sport of the people, I went out into the street and I stopped people to ask four questions of three people. The first was: Do you play a sport? Two of them said yes.

The second was: Which one and why? The first person told me: “In my city the rugby is sacred, it’s rooted in our culture.”And the last person told me: “The golf, because my grandfather made me love this sport.”

The third question was: How much time per week do you play sports? The first person told me: “Four times so approximately, I practice seven hours.”The last person told me: “One time every weekend and I stay there two or three hours.”

The last question was: Do you prefer to go somewhere by car, by bus, by bike or by foot? The first person told me: “By car because it’s fast.”The second person told me: “By bus because it’s less tiring that to drive.”And the last person told me: “Sometimes by bus for short ride, but by car for the work or for the long ride.”

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « rugby enfants »         Résultats de recherche d'images pour « sports »

  Thanks to this survey, we can see that sports are a part of our lives but everything depends on the culture of countries, cities and education we can receive. The passion for the sport depends on each. Sport reaches every person differently!


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