Health and Exercise

Kana Ito, Japan

When you want to be more healthy, at first, you may think to exercise. Yes, it is a common way to be healthy. From children to elderly people, exercising is a good way to be healthy and stay healthy.

exercise pic

I asked three people whether they liked to exercise or not. Everyone answered “Yes! I do like to exercise!!” And also everyone answered we need regular exercise.

They said running is the best to do everyday. I agree with that. I think running is the easiest way to exercise because you don’t need much money and any machines. There is a person who said a bike is also good. That is a good idea.When you go to work, you can go by bike instead of car.

On the other hand, I asked them what kind of sports they liked. They answered football, basketball, and dance!

football picyoga pic

Someone said “it is important to exercise every day, but it is difficult.” That is true. However, we can keep doing what we like every day. Thus, instead of running or biking which you don’t want to do every day, you should do football,basketball, and dance which you like. Of course, if you like running, do running!

I think we can do what we like every day. As a result, it makes our life healthy!!

jogging pic

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