Interviews with Melodie and Paola


Jana Odermatt, Swizerland

1. Where are you from?
Paola is from Argentina and Melodie is from Canada
2. Do you have a favorite sport?
Melodies favorite sport is Tennis and  Paolas favorite sport is Roller
3. Do you have a pet?
No they don’t have a pet
4. If you could choose any profession which would you like to do?
She would love to be a Unilever(P) lawyer (M)
5. Do you have a favorite TV show, film or series?
She loves Harry Potter and friends (M) comics movies (P)
6. How many languages do you speak?
She speaks English, French and a little bit Spanish(M) German, Spanish, a little bit German and English (P)
7. Do you have a favorite city?
Her favorite citys are the Bahamas(M),Germany and Peru (P)
8. What’s your favorite food?
Her favorite food is Sushi (M) salad(P)
9. How old are you?
She is 16 years old(m) 33 years old(P)
10. Do you live in a host family?
She lives in a host family (M) apartment (P)

-Melodie from CanadaMelodie

-Paola from Argentina486908_10154041691576926_1505745239858925193_n(1)

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