Interviews with Jana and Paula

Melodie Sanscartier, Canada

Interviewing Jana and Paula

  1. Where are you from and how long are you staying?

J: She lives in Switzerland with her family. She is staying here for 5 weeks.

P: She lives in Argentina in a flat by herself. She is staying here for 3 weeks.

  1. Do you have pets? If yes what is his name?

J: She has a cat name Vanessa

P: No she doesn’t have pets

  1. How old are you?

J: She is 16 years old

P: She is 33 years old

  1. What is your favorite country that you want to visit?

J: The place she would want to visit would be Los Angeles

P: The places she would want to visit would be Germany and Peru to see the Machu Pichu

  1. What language do you speak?

J: She speaks German (native language), English and a little bit of French

P: She speaks Spanish (native language), English and German

  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

J: She has one sister name Lina

P: She has one sister and one brother whose names are Marcela and Mathias

  1. Where do you live in Santa Barbara?

J: She lives in a residence name Tropicana

P: She lives in a flat at the residence

  1. What is your favorite movie or kind of movie?

J: She doesn’t like horror movie, but almost everything else like the Harry Potter series

P: She likes comics’ movies but nothing in particular

  1. What is your favorite shop?

J: Her favorite shop is Brandy Melville

P: Her favorite shop is Unicenter

  1. Do you play any sports? If yes what?

J: She doesn’t play sports right now but she used to play volleyball

P: She doesn’t play sport but she likes rollers and she also likes to exercise486908_10154041691576926_1505745239858925193_n(1)jana1

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