Differences between Switzerland and America

by Domenik, Switzerland

It is my first time in the United States of America. Before, I was in different countries in Europe and Africa. I had a really big culture shock when I arrived in the US because in Switzerland everything is clean and organized, but here it’s relaxed and a little bit dirty. I think, if you’d like to relax, this place would be the best place for you. The people aren’t interested in cleanliness and punctuality. I love this mentality because it isn’t stressed.

It is funny that many Americans have large cars that aren’t eco-friendly, but sometimes the same family will have a Prius, which is eco-friendly. When I see an American house with the garage, there are many times a big car and a Prius. It doesn’t make sense to me. In Europe,  the cars are smaller and more ecological.



The biggest differences are the prices between these two countries, for example, the bus is much cheaper in the US. It costs 2$ for one ride in the U.S., and in Switzerland for 4 Stations the cost is 4 Francs. The food is also much cheaper here. In McDonalds, one hamburger costs 1$ and in Switzerland a burger costs 3.50 Francs.

It is very difficult to come into the United States because you need a visa and the customs are very strict. On the plane you have to fill a sheet with questions and at customs you have to give your fingerprints, take a photo, and the man at the custom asks you questions about your trip in the States and what are you doing here. Everything is more difficult to visit this country. It’s exciting to have this experience, but I think I won’t do this for some time to come.

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