Interview with Sebastian Carlosama

~by Johannes Enz von Leitner, Germany/Hannover

What is your favorite song at the moment?

“I took a pill in Ibiza”

What would you buy if you had enough money?

“An Island”

What is your favorite sport, which team?

“Basketball ; Barcelona”

How long have you owned a smartphone?

“5 years”

When did you graduate, what school?

“In 2015; high school”

Do you have siblings?

“No I am a lonely child :’(“

What was the best thing you have done in your life?

“Graduation of high school”

What are you planning to do in the future?

“Finish university”

Do you have a driver’s license?


Do you enjoy driving a car?


Do you know how to ride a horse?

“Not really, No”

Do you enjoy being out in the sun?

“Yeah I like it”

~Sebastian Carlosama, Columbia

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