Santa Barbara Moments

Michaela Kopecna, Czech Republic

For someone who wasn’t born in Santa Barbara some things can be completely new and strange. Every country has its own customs or traditions. Some of them could be normal, but some of them could seem little bit weird.

I am a girl from a small city in Europe and I have never traveled across the ocean before. So the words like “jet lag” or “culture shock” were, for me, completely new. I never understood the meaning of them because in Europe we all go to sleep at same time. That means that we have different traditions, but close and similar to each other.time

What time is it?

When you land at the airport your first thing you must check is the time, because in Europe it is 12PM. What time is the right one? That’s the question. Here in Santa Barbara it’s 12AM, so should I go to sleep? No! And that is what jet lag is.

How to use the toilets?

It could be strange, but the toilets are also different. And for someone from Europe it’s a shock. Are there really gaps when you close the doors? So everybody can see me through the gaps, right?hands

Are people here my friends now?

This could happened that you are standing at a bus stop and some stranger starts to talk with you. Just in Santa Barbara. The people here are so kind and helpful. They just talk with you and at the end of the conversation you are friends. How easy. That’s why I feel so welcome in this country.

How to say hi?

Hear Spanish in Santa Barbara is really common. All the names of the streets are in Spanish and also in some public buildings you can hear this language. That is because Santa Barbara used to be a Spanish colony. However, for every day use, just learn how to say hi in Spanish. That will be enough. So “hola” and “gracias senora”!freez

I’m freezing!

Sometimes you can feel cold here because of the air-conditioning or cold weather. Don’t underestimate it and take a  warm sweater into your classes. Even if Santa Barbara has the ocean it isn’t warm all the time. Suprisingly.


You can say you are citizen when you help tourists get to the beach. You won! Santa Barbara is not so hard to orient oneself. So after a short time you will feel here like you are at home. Culture shock is gone and jet lag is your very old friend.

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Events in Santa Barbara

By Abdulmajeed ALfrayan.  Saudi Arabia

Santa Barbara- Parks& Recreation events:


Santa Barbara Arts & Crafts Show

Is an event to enjoy your time to give your lives more experience. There are a lot of people selling new things and they’re made in home. You can go there with your family to see new things and learn new culture.


Relaxing under the sun:



In this picture we can see the people sitting under the sun and enjoying the time. Here you can chat with everyone because it’s public and there are a lot of people who come for relaxing and enjoying themselves.


There are some small competitions for the kids:


There is jogging contest for the kids and there are small gifts for the winners and the moms help their children like say good things to them while they running like “you can do it”, “you’re a hero”.



Firework in the park:


There are fireworks at the end of the day and it’s so beautiful. Everyone on this day is waiting for this moment to say it because it’s a beautiful view from the park.


Party in the park.


They make a small party in the park to have fun and enjoy in themselves. But this party dose not happen every year in this event so some time it’s there and sometimes not.

Action-Control / Self-Control 

By Selim Gautschi, Switzerland

How free are our thoughts and actions really?

Isn’t it interesting and fascinating to understand one’s actions and intensions? I think this topic is important in today’s life because everyone has goals and desires and has to struggle with discipline. The origin of our actions often comes from unconscious decisions we make in everyday life. Our emotions are a big part in this process of deciding and thinking.


The term “Action-control” was invented in the early 1980s by Julius Kuhl, a German professor in differential psychology. The term includes processes where intensions are protected from neurological distractions. Everyone who has tried to stop smoking or lose weight knows how hard it is to control their actions. Whether we execute discipline or not depends a lot on our ability to control our emotions. Studies show that people who can control their emotions tend to live a happier, healthier and wealthier life.


Having willpower in your childhood years determines your willpower for adulthood, especially when it comes to emotional situations. Probably the best known experiment in the 3history of psychology shows what impact willpower has on our personality. In the 60s, Walter Mischel, a personality psychologist, did 4the marshmallow-test with 4 year old kids. In this popular test, several kids wrestle with waiting to eat a marshmallow in hopes of a bigger prize. This video is a good illustration of temptation and the hope of future rewards. Video: Marshmallow Test

The good news is that we can train and use different techniques to execute and stay disciplined and determined about our goals.
There are five strategies to a more conscious way of acting:  5

  • Attention-control
  • Motivation-control
  • Emotional-control
  • Environmental control
  • Economy of information processing

Interview with Clara Wagner

By Camilla M. Frederiksen, Greenland

I Have interviewed Clara Wagner, Clara is 21 and she’s from France.frankrig

She have finished university in France, she studied marketing at the university.

Her plan is to study business after she finishes, her school year here in Santa Barbara EF.

Clara’s favorite cake is fruit cake and her favorite sports game is volleyball.

If she has to choose three tings to bring to an Ireland, she would take her pillow, phone and her best friend with her.


If Clara’s house starts burning and she had 60 seconds to take what she can take, she would take her pictures because the pictures are memories for her, passport, wallet and her grandfathers ring that mean a lot to her.

And for the last, the country she want to visit next time she travels is Thailand.o-THAILAND-facebook.jpg


Interview to Pierina Staub

Agustina Lopez from Uruguay


  1. What’s your name and how old are you?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Do you have any brothers or sisters? If you have, do they live with you?
  4. If you could travel to any place in the world where would you go first?
  5. Supposing you get a job offer in this place, would you accept it?
  6. Would you like to live there?
  7. What would you do if you fall in love with a guy there?
  8. If you stayed there for a very long time, what would you miss the most from your country?
  9. Of the countries you have visited, which one do you liked the most and why?
  10. If you could choose a super power, which one would you choose?


Pierina Staub from Switzerland


  1. Her name is Pierina and she’s 16 years old.
  2. She’s from Switzerland, St.Gallen
  3. She has one sister and she loves her, her sister’s name is Lea and she’s 18 years old so Pierina is the younger sister and they live together.
  4. If she could travel to any place she would choose Santa Barbara so her dream has come true because now she is here.pierina staub
  5. Absolutely no, she loves her family and she would miss them very much because it is too far from home.
  6. No she wouldn’t like to live in Santa Barbara.
  7. In case she falls in love with a guy here she is going to tell him that Switzerland is very awesome and beautiful so if he wants to come back with her he is welcomed.
  8. Pierina would miss the most her friends, family and handball.
  9. Of all the countries she had visited the one she totally loved the most was Greece because she loves going to the beach and the food in there is pretty good too.

10.If she could choose a super power she would like to run very fast.


San Fermin Festival

Vera Martinez de Morentin, Spain.

I’ll talk about one of the most known festivals in the world. The name is San Fermin and it takes place in the North of Spain, in a city called Pamplona. It lasts one week,  every July from the 6th to the 14th inclusively. Every year thousands of people around the world go to the city to enjoy the big party. This festival has become known thanks to an american writer, his name is Ernest Heminway, who went to San Fermin and then wrote a book about it.

This festival begin the 6 of July at 12 am, when the mayor gives a short speech followed by the “Chupinazo” (a rocket). After that, the typical Spanish families are used to eat together, but the rest of the people start partying, dancing and drinking until 14 of July. During the day there are lost of events, so you won’t be bored. For example the bars are open until 6 am and also, there are music on the street. In the afternoon there are “corridas de toros” (bullfight) and when they finish, the people go thorugh the streets of Pamplona singing and dancing.

san-ferminsan fermin la-plaza-de-toros-de-pamplona

One of the most known event is the “encierro” (running of the bulls). The first one is on the 7th at 8 am, another rocket is thrown and 6 bulls start to run for 2 or 3 minutes across Pamplona streets being followed by houndreds of people. While this is happening, there are thousands of people watching this and waiting the bulls to arrive at the “Plaza de Toros” (bullring). Sometimes this becomes very dangerous and if there are drunk people running, they are likely to die. Of course, the police works very hard to try this not to happen; also, there are a double fencing so the animals can’t escape. This spectacle is televised in a nacional channel, but also, there are japanese, american, australian television…

san ferminsan fermin hfgd

Also you should know some things like: all the people wear white clothes with a red ( …… ); San Fermin is the patron saint of Navarra; the typical drink is wine, sangria and kalimotxo; there are also religion events taking place in churches; some of the foreigner don’t have a place to stay, so they sleep in parks; 14th of July is a very sad day for us, and we sing “Pobre de mi” at 12pm to end the festival. That day starts the count back until next year.

SanFermin.jpg procesionsan-fermin-pobre-de-mi_galeria