Interview with Clara Wagner

By Camilla M. Frederiksen, Greenland

I Have interviewed Clara Wagner, Clara is 21 and she’s from France.frankrig

She have finished university in France, she studied marketing at the university.

Her plan is to study business after she finishes, her school year here in Santa Barbara EF.

Clara’s favorite cake is fruit cake and her favorite sports game is volleyball.

If she has to choose three tings to bring to an Ireland, she would take her pillow, phone and her best friend with her.


If Clara’s house starts burning and she had 60 seconds to take what she can take, she would take her pictures because the pictures are memories for her, passport, wallet and her grandfathers ring that mean a lot to her.

And for the last, the country she want to visit next time she travels is Thailand.o-THAILAND-facebook.jpg


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