Importance Of Bathing

10 / 02 / 2018   Sana Kato, Japan

public bath

Most Japanese like taking a bath. The history of bathing was transmitted from China with Buddhism. One of the teachings of Buddhism is “to prevent seven diseases and to acquire seven lucks”. Bathing was perceived as good for the body and the habit of bathing spread to people in Japan.


People from all over the world take a shower to remove body dirt. There are other reasons why Japanese take a bath. Bathing has a relaxing effect. So we take a bath and cure the tiredness of the day. Bathing also improves blood circulation and leads to good health.

We usually have one bathtub per family. We clean the bathtub every day, keep it clean and take a bath.  For a short bath, people take a bath for a few minutes and for a long bath, people take a bath for several hours. A home tub is also a place where parents and children can communicate.

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We have a public bath in Japan. There are many types of baths that you can not take a bath at home. For example sauna, jacuzzi and outside baths. We go to the public bath for that. To make everyone comfortable, there are rules in the public bath. For example, we should take a shower before taking a bath because our body is dirty. Also we should wipe the body before returning to the dressing room because if we don’t do it the floor gets wet. Public bath is not a private, chartering bath, either. We should pay attention to it.

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In America there is no culture to take a bath and there is no public bath. I like taking a bath and public bath. So I think it is hard for me to live here because I can not take a bath and go to public bath. I wish there was a bathing culture and public bath in America.


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