Lotte Michiels, Belgium

When people travel to Belgium, they all visit Brussels. People who live in Belgium know there are more beautiful cities than Brussels.

Belgium is a very small country. When you stay in Brussels you can easily take the train to every part of Belgium. If you want to go to Ghent, you travel 30 minutes. To Antwerp, you travel 50 minutes. You can even get to the Belgian coast.

When you go to Brussels, there are many things to visit. Manneken-Pis and Grand Place are the thing everyone goes take a look at. You also should go to the Atomium and mini-Europe. When you want a beautiful view and see the city, you should go to Mont des Arts. When you want to eat something you should go and get some french fries and for drinks you should drink a good Belgian beer.

In Ghent you can enjoy the medieval architecture such as the Gravensteen Castle. You should take a boat trip on the rivers or you can just walk on the side. Ghent is most beautiful at night. If you want a specialty from Ghent, you can buy some chocolates from Leonidas or Cuberdons. If you are a student and you want to go out, you go to Overpoort, a street full of clubs.

When you go to the coast, there are different places to go. The most popular place is Ostend where you can see the casino. If you want it more fancy then you should go to Knokke. When you are at the coast, go to a restaurant and eat mussels.

Overall , when you are in Belgium, don’t only go to Brussels but look on the internet at other places you can visit.



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