Working at Google

Mara Klingenschmid, Austria


Almost everybody knows the American multinational company Google LLC. Google is more than just a search engine on the internet. Google LLC developed, for example, self-driving cars and so much different software and apps. But this well-known company is also famous for their very attractive workplaces. Google LLC is a popular employer. Let’s give a little insight in the daily work routine of Google.

Application process

job interview

It is a long way from the application to the hiring and sitting in the Google office. There are many interviews the applicant has to go through. The reason for the interviews is to find out why you as an applicant would fit in the company and why Google should hire you. What benefits does the applicant bring to the company? The different kinds of interviews focus on the different strengths of the applicant.

What’s the best way to prepare for the Google interviews? Watch videos about Google and find out what the ideology and culture of Google is. People are also allowed to ask questions. This shows interest and that you really want to be part of the Google family. But be aware to ask the right questions!

Benefits and environment

Are there benefits you have when you work for a multinational company? Yes, of course. First of all it needs to be mentioned that after hiring you will be part of a big family. Google offers an amazing working environment. In the beautiful buildings there are spacious offices and rooms where the employees can spend their breaks and free time. Outdoor areas, fitness centers, pool tables and soccer tables are very common on the Google premises.


The last thing I want to mention is that Google offers healthy food. The employees can eat together whenever they want and exchange information and help each other. These extras really strengthen the community spirit. And the best thing about it is the food is free!google

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