Giulia Ferriani, Italy

Is it strange or not that American people include you in their community?

When I arrived, I was very shocked because of the acceptance of American people: now it’s clear that this is their way of life. In general, they accept everyone like members of their big family.

Here in Santa Barbara maybe people are accustomed to seeing students or in general visitors, but it’s so strange because the city is very full of people that are curious, or maybe interested in knowing other cultures.

In fact, the first time I went to a supermarket to buy something to eat, I had to talk with the cashier for maybe thirty minutes, because he wanted to know if in Italy we have good desserts. Besides, another night, when I was returning home, I met a bus driver that stopped me when I was getting on the bus, to ask me about my permanence here  in America. He was very friendly.



So it’s very unusual, because people here are very nice. In Italy, nobody stops you on the street, and if the cashier can’t talk with you is better. People in Italy (especially in the north) are always busy. Sometimes if you want to ask somebody information, people continue walking and ignore you: sometimes you look invisible, maybe.

In my opinion, here in America there is an important concept of community: all people try to help each other and to emphasize this notion they try to include foreigners. Frequently, along my holiday, I met new people and they were always friendly. For example, I was stopped by a young guy on the street because he was in love with Italy and he wanted to know more about this country. So we talked so much while he escorted me to the bus stop. It was an unforgettable experience because, before leaving Italy, I was very afraid of strangers, and now it’s like my everyday life to talk with them.

In conclusion, we should say that travel is a good way to meet new people and to discover the world, and you have to be sure that if you come to America, you will find your perfect place in the world.


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