What to do on Holidays

Well…  finally you’re done from school! and probably you’re thinking about what to do this laaargest vacations, so here we have some ideas to make this holidays.Daley-Reading-Room_Overall-View

  • Go to a Library, could be fun cause you can find any type of readings and movies to watch, but especially our favorite is “Anna Frank diary” in the library you can go you can sit there and have a quiet time at this place, where everyone is reading and getting concentrate.
  • Ride a  bike in the metropolitan park, with this sunny days and beautiful, you can have a picnic with your best friend, your boyfriend or family and ride a bike!
  • Go to the beach, there are so many things to do at the beach!                                             – play volleyball     – join for the sunset   -kayak    -fishing  -make a castle sand  -dive
  • The movie theater is always a good idea to spend a day, eating popcorn with an ice cream! and a big soda, each Friday the add new movies to watch so be pendent to watch your favorite movie
  • Shop at the Mall– near from here are the premium outlets so for sure you’re gonna find your favorite brand. There are around 50 stores.
  • You like the animals? well, we have the city zoo where you can find all the land animals and feed them! so choose a very nice day to go with your family and friends. Or well… if you like more the aquatic animals you can go to the aquarium and see sharks, whales, turtles, and swim with dolphins!! with a spectacular show of them.
  • A time for relaxation can be an SPA day, to make your nails, repair your hair and get a new look, a foot pedicure or a body massage, anyone can be excellent for your person.
  • If you want to learn something new, I mean… a lesson about something or a course, you can learn a new language, improve school stuff or learn to cook.
  • Visit another country with a special tour and price, you can go with other students from different countries.
  • Have a beach body! everyone wants to look good for this vacations so you can do exercise at the gym and get fit!
  • Get a job for a season, something simple to do just for making money while you are having a great timeDaley-Reading-Room_Overall-View.jpg


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