Obstacles to Learning English for Japanese

Rikako Fujita, Japan

Studing foreagn languagies are too difficult for Japanese except Korean. This is because Japanese and Korean are torally different from languagies which use alphabets. First, English, German, French, or any Europian languagies are origin from Latin. So they have some languageis whose meaning are same. For example, ” engineer” and ”ingénieur” in french. ”Good Morning” and ”Guten Morgen” in German. 


On the other hand, Japanese does not have simillar word even letters are totally different. We cannot type Japanese using this computer.

we use three types of letter. First, Hiragana, Second, Katakana, Third Kanji. These letters are totally different from alphabet. Moreover, these are very difficult  for even native speaker. Once we are child, we studied and practiced hard. In addition, Kanji is not a phonogram. These have a lot of meaning. This is why, it is more difficult.


As can be seen, we use unique letters and languages, we have disadvantage for studying English. Furthermore, English class in school is too awful. We learn English by Japanese teacher who can not speak English well. They just know grammar and reading skills. Japanese English education is not focus on speaking and communication. If you travel to Japan, you will surprise at what Japanese cannot speak English. Most of  the case, they only speak ”hello”, ”I’m hungry” or something. You know what I mean? They are never able to communicate something. First of all, they cannot understand what foreigners are saying because listening English is the most difficult things for Japanese.

This is why, Japanese have many reason they cannot speak English fluently. If Japanese English education do not change, we will never communicate with foreign people.

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