Monogamy and Non-monogamy

Have you ever heard the ward , Monogamy? Actually,  I had never heard this word before I watched the video about Non-monogamy. This video impressed me so much. So I’m going to tell about Non-monogamy.

In the most of countries,  people have been lived as a Monogamy.Monogamy means one wife and one husband in one couple. However, for these years some people start becoming a Non-monogamy. For most of us, becoming Non-monogamy may sound very strange or weird. The reason why people feel it is because we are taught cheating is terrible thing. In my opinion,  I want my partner only loves me. And also I am pretty sure most people think about a relationship like this.


On the other hand , for these years, some expert start saying a Non-monogamy is very natural thing. There are some reasons for this opinion.

First , as a animal , male should have relationships with females as many as they can. If they have a lot of relationships , it can make the rate of leaving his gene higher. Otherwise , for female if they became pregnant, they can’t have relationship with the other male anymore so female always try keeping one male stay close to them. These study means having a lot of relationships with different female make sense for men as a animal to prosper. This things is proved by a lot of scientic studies.

Second, in the long history, we had been using Non-monogamy system as a our normal style of our society.  For a long time,  marriage is the way to increase the number of workers, an expert said. However last 100 or 200 years , the purpose of marriage has been changed. The marriage is turned into for a power or a love.  For instance , the generation of my grand parents or great-grand parents,  they got married not for them but their parents or family. It was not rare that parents decide their kids’s marriage partner for their generation. However ,  now a days , most of people get married with someone who they really love.  So waht I want to say in this paassage is even though we think Monogamy is normal and only way that people should have , the truth is in the most of our history , we used to use Non-monogamy system.


In the video, an expery said being Non-monogamy is like a being vegitarian. In the world there are a lot of people and everyone has a choice for their life. If you said that I’m Non-monogamy , many people may criticize you. However, in my opinion , we should respect their choices and lives. Don’t have bias before you truly understand about their lives. And let’s try to understand it.

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