Things to do in SB

Lena Schmitt, Germany

There are a lot of things to do while you’re staying in Santa Barbara. This should be like an insider guide, it will tell you about my own experience as well as about the ones from my fellow students. Many of the activities are close to SB so you can easily reach them without a car but everybody knows about them already and to be honest the really fun stuff is more far away and a car is necessary to reach them.

Let’s start with the unusual things you may haven’t heard about until now. I highly recommend visiting Pismo Beach, it is close to Santa Maria and the main attraction there are sand dunes. I know it doesn’t sound very exciting but I promise it was totally worth it to go there. They offer ATVs for renting and that is something everybody whose heart is into motorsport should definitely do!! Of course you have to be aware that it’s also kind of dangerous because you can get stuck very easily but it was a lot of action and one of the best things I did in my time here.


Another attraction I would suggest visiting is a shoothing range. There are a couple ones around Santa Barbara for instance in Oxnard. Having fired a gun is in my opinion something you have to do while you are in the United States and it is not as expensive as many students think for around 60$ you can shoot at least two different guns.

The last thing I advice you do if you aren’t afraid of height is skydiving. it’s about an one hour drive to get there and on a sunny,cloudless day you have a breathtaking view over whole SB.


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