Van Gogh Halloween 2017

By Muhamet Shala from Switzerland

It took me about three weeks to finish my blazer with the «Starry Night» on by back. It was a lot of fun painting it and wearing it at Halloween. I woke up at 6 am to finish my make up and hair.
When I arrived at school, i was amazed by the costumes and how people put a lot of effort in their Halloween costumes. Some of them were really creative, spooky and sometimes really funny. You could take pictures with your friends, eat frozen yogurt or simply dance to the music outside. While everyone was having fun, the teachers started to dance the «Thriller Dance». After that, they called the students who wanted to attend the costume competition. Roos from the Netherlands won the 1st prize, I won the 2nd place, Lisa won the 3rd place and so on. Roos was so kind and swapped her camera with my prize.

After 1 pm, we had lunch and went to State st. Some people thought I was the Statue of Liberty, which was very funny because Van Gogh is very famous in my opinion. I took so many pictures with strangers and saw the craziest costumes. For me, it was an unforgettable experience since we do not celebrate Halloween as an actual holiday as here in the United States.

One thought on “Van Gogh Halloween 2017

  1. Hi Muhamet,

    I absolutely love your costume! After all the effort you put into it you definitely deserved to get a prize for it. Enjoy your go pro and keep up with the creative costumes.

    Isabel Zimmermann


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