Heloise Hartman from Belgium
Lola Ketelslegers from Belgium

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2 thoughts on “Starbucks

  1. No doubt that the Starbucks one of the best coffee stores around the world. Starbucks builds extraordinary relationships with its customers, I’m going to explain it in this comment.
    First of all, Starbucks owners are eager to expand its brand, as a result they have opened more than 10,000 branches worldwide. For example: In Saudi Arabia there are 20 stores of Starbucks in one city where is Jeddah. In brief, it is easily to find Starbucks in any country that you would like to visit. Moreover, Starbucks is considering about the coffee`s quality in order to create the loyalty with its clients and fans. Finally, Starbucks is not a place for coffee only. To illustration, Starbucks is a good place to make a friendship and talk to native people. As I remember, I have many friends that Starbucks introduces me to them.

    Ali Alkhard


  2. I really discovered Starbucks when I moved here. Off course in my hometown we also have a few Starbucks shops but there it is way more expensive. I liked the originality of the clip! Sophie Steltman


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