ISLA VISTA Mass Murder

Ketelslegers Lola, Belgium.

Back to the 23rd May 2014 : Elliot Rodger, a 22-year-old student killed six people and injured fourteen others near “UCSB” (University of California, Santa Barbara) before killing himself. But what exactly happened ?


Firstly, Rodger killed his roommates in their appartment with two differents knives. The three guys received a lot of stab wounds and incision wounds everywhere in their bodies. After that he wrote “My Twisted World”, a novel about his life, and how he became a monster. He also posted his last video on his YouTube channel where he explained his plan, how he would kill students, girls and boys who had rejected him. His mother saw the video and came to Santa Barbara with Rodger’s dad; she tried to call the authorities but it was too late…


Secondly, he drove to the “Delta Delta Delta” sorority and killed two girls with guns. The first one received eight shots and the second one received seven shots in her chest. The third girl who was at this crime scene was seriously injured, but she survived. The survivor said that Elliot looked at her and smiled, after that, he shot. She said it was like he was really happy to kill. The girl was save by another student who also survived the mass murder.



Thirdly, his last victim was a student in the “Deli Supermarket” of the campus. Elliot shot into the window of the Deli and killed a student. He received a shot in his head and died immediately. The other people in the supermarket were injured.


Rodger also injured fourteen other people who survived the attack (including the girl in the sorority and the customers in the supermarket, but he also injured people who were walking on the street). After his mass murder, Elliot killed himself in his car before being stopped by the authorities.


The families of the victims don’t understand how the sheriff didn’t see that Rodger was sick, because the killer published a lot of videos on YouTube where he looked really dangerous. He talked about his frustration of not being loved by girls and how much he hated couples.

No one in Santa Barbara has forgotten this horrible story, and today there’s a lot of policemen in Isla Vista, where Elliot Rodger killed his victims…


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