Three Cities I Would Like to Live in

By: Rika Takatani , Japan

I live in Japan in part of Tokyo. I have always wanted to live in another country because I love to travel very much,and I study English for that. I especially like London, U.K., Honolulu, Hawaii , and Santa Barbara, USA. It was  very wonderful when I stayed in these three places. Why did I want to live in these countries? I’ll try to give some reasons.

London UK

First of all, I love  the Harry Potter series very much. I think it can influence everyone in the world. When I was in London, I felt  like I was in the movie! My dream came true.

UK has two major areas. The first area is the Piccadilly Circus area. Here the heart of London is a spectacular area. In the old days it was said to be the center of the world. This square has many fashion shops. Also, on the West side there are a lot of big theaters and an area called Chinatown on the East side of town. I watched a musical named  “Wicked”. It was amazing. The second area is called Star area. Here the United Kingdom Royal family lives in Buckingham Palace. Another important location to see is Westminster Abbey. Prince William and Katherine’s wedding ceremony was here, and it’s a very beautiful church. I like to look at the streets lined with houses in this neighborhood.

But, UK has a big problem. British dishes don’t suit me.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Everybody knows that Hawaii has very beautiful beaches. My hobby is scuba diving. So, I wanted to go scuba diving in Honolulu and to get my scuba license in Hawaii.

Hawaii is warm year-round. I think it’s easy to live in. The people are very kind and they can speak Japanese very well. The best thing is Hawaiian food suits my taste!! Rice and many vegetables. The only drawback to live here is  living expenses are higher than in Japan. If I become rich I want to immigrate to Hawaii as soon as possible.

Santa Barbara, USA

I’m now staying in Santa Barbara. I really like this city because of the relaxed environment. The beaches are very beautiful and it has many nice Mexican food restaurants. I’ll leave here this weekend; I want to come again someday.

I really want to go UCSB to study English. I went to UCSB when I was in Santa Barbara. It was awesome! Huge campus and many trees and buildings of glass!! Every person was relaxed on the grass. My university doesn’t have grass. My dream is to lie on the grass and do my homework.

If I feel bored, I can go Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco easily from Santa Barbara. During my time here, I went Los Angeles and Las Vegas. They were amazing!! I can’t forget this trip forever. If I live here I’ll go to Las Vegas once every few months.

Japanese foods are essential to me. If my dreams come true, I would return to Japan once a year definitely. Thank you for reading!!

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