East Side Gallery Berlin Finally a Sign of Freedom? ______________________________________________

By Lisa Winkler, Germany

The Second World War, a disgusting man, who destroyed the whole respect and reputation of Germany, a mass of destruction, broken families and an unbelievable number of victims. All those things happened to Germany since 1939, the start of the Second World War. Now there is the East Side Gallery, which is a remnant of the Berlin Wall.


east side

Founding Firstly, the East Side Gallery is founded from February to September in 1990 and is opened all day long. Furthermore, an organization was established to fight for the preservation of the wall.

Location First of all, the largest Open Air Gallery of the world is located in Berlin Friedrichshain and is about 1300 meters (almost one mile) long next to the river Spree. The wall supposed to be a boundary between East Berlin and West Berlin after dividing the city in two parts as the Germans capitulated.

Meaning “Many small people who in many small places do many small things that can alter the face of the world”, the chancellor Merkel of Germany said once about the East Side Gallery. About 106 masterpieces of 118 artists from over 21 different countries all over the world are drowning on it as a sign of pleasure and gladness because of the fall of the Wall in 1989. Even the end of the Cold War between two sides, the euphoria about freedom in whole Germany, the end of oppression and espionage and the hope of all human in Germany for a better world are signs that are represented on this Wall. It is the only authentic monument till today, which appears for the reunion of Germany. All in all, the East Side Gallery stands for personal destinies, wishes and dreams and over 3 million people are going to visit it every year.

Personal Opinion In my opinion the East Side Gallery is a phenomenal opportunity for artists to be creative connected with processing the history of Germany with its ups and downs. Walking through the wall evokes a fantastic atmosphere of feeling the Berlin air and past. It is important for human to deal with the effects of the Second World War and the wall is representing all of these topics. But not only historical themes are painted on the Wall, also a lot of earth saving or current political themes are criticized and discussed there.

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