Interview with Jana Odermatt

 By Maria Paula Volker,  Agentina


Jana is 19 years old. She is from Swizerland and lives with her family, but in this moment she is staying in Santa Barbara because she loves studying English.

Her family consists of her sister Lena and her parents Martin and Tatjana.

She has got a nice cat called Vanessa.

She is in secondary school and her favorite subject is Art.

She would like to be an Actress.

She speaks German, a bit French and English.

Her favorite food is the pizza.

She enjoys going shopping and the best shop for her is Brandy Melville.

She doesn’t have preference with any film but she likes funny movies.

She doesn’t have a boyfriend but I think that soon she will have one.emossimages

She would like to know the city Los Angeles.

She told me that in her city there aren’t a lot of interesting places to visit but if I went there, I could go to the disco and go shopping.

I think that Jana is a very funny girl! cara feliz2

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