Interview with Mélodie Sanscartier

By Maria Paula Volker, Argentina.

Mélodie is 16 years old, she is from Canada and lives with her family but in this moment she is staying in Santa Barbara, because she studying English and want to improve her speaking.

She has got 2 sisters called Olivia and Marika and she gets along very good with them but sometimes she wants to kill them!  emossimages

Her parents are called Marcel and Lyne.

Melodie goes to the secondary school and her favorite subject is Art, she is very creative.

She is planning to study Lawyer when the secondary school ends. It seems to have nothing to do with Art but really to defend a person is required to be very creative and capable to resolve a problem and reach an agreement with the other lawyer and to convince the judge.

She dreams of going to the Bahamas, she loves the beach, lying on the beach and knowing places. In her city there isn’t a beach and it’s very cold, also there aren’t many things to do, only the Stade Olympique.

She likes playing tennis and she loves going to the shop, and her favorite is H&M.

She loves to eat Sushi and her favorite movie is Harry Potter.

She can speak French and a bit Spanish.

She told me that she doesn’t have a boyfriend but I don’t believe that…cara feliz2

I think that Melodie is a fantastic Missy!

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