Cali’s Best Parties

BY Dorien van Veen, Switzerland

Flashing colored lights, moving light beams, laser lightshows, strobe lights, mirror-covered disco balls, or foam, and smoke machines in combination with music repeated by good DJ’s and a lot of excited people dancing on big dance floors. Where can you find the best parties in California?

Let’s talk about what makes a party an unforgettable event. In my opinion it’s all about  good music, variety, the guests with the fun party atmosphere, enough space to dance, but also the possibility to sit down and rest or just talk. A really good party has to have something special, but shouldn’t be too expensive. However, the party folks like some kind of luxurious touches.

I mentioned that variety is an important point to make a party worth going to. There are some different types of parties in California. I’d like to present the three most exciting:


How can a party be more mobile than inside a driving party van? San Francisco and San Diego provide such parties taking place inside of a huge and luxurious limo bus. 10, up to 55, persons can celebrate their personal party inside. You can also ask for a party-tour and the bus will stop at some clubs or beaches for you to go out and join the best celebrations. And I have to say that it’s really affordable.

Party bus rates will vary based on the following factors:

  • Vehicle size: 20, 30, 40, 45 or 57 passenger party buses.
  • Day of the week: Sunday – Thursday rates; Friday / Saturday rates.
  • Time of the day: Is your event during the day or at night?
  • Location: How many miles will you travel to your pickup location and what is your itinerary?
  • Type of event: Are you planning a bachelor party, wedding, concert or festival, Napa wine tour or San Francisco nightclub tour?

Party waves (

If you are a beach-party lover, you may want to get to know the following 6 best places to party during spring break in California. With plenty of options, all focused on the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, you and your friends are sure to enjoy every second spent there. Make your decisions wisely, because every destination on this top 6 list is completely worth visiting

  1. Palm Springs: This is undeniably the hottest spring break destination in California for anyone who wants a party that never ends the whole week. Although there are no beaches around, there are plenty of fun activities that make up for the lack of water. Don’t worry, you will still be getting plenty of California sunshine.
  2. Hollywood: One of the most famous places in the world for having some of the hottest parties under the sun. During Spring Break the parties get even better in this diverse city that has something for you to do 24/7 regardless how old and who you are.
  3. Malibu: While you may not want to book separate hotel rooms because of this costly beach destination, get together with a group of friends and rent a beach house for a week. There is always plenty of specials for this occasion, and breathtaking sandy beaches to satisfy your every desire.
  4. Laguna Beach: Known from the hit TV series on MTV, this destination is where you will indulge in luxurious lifestyles, and wake up to the peaceful beaches every morning. You are best booking a beach house rental for the week here. There are plenty of activities and nightlife for you and all your friends
  5. Santa Monica: Here you will wake up to the breeze from the Pacific Ocean, and go to sleep to the bright lights and partying around the beaches. There are plenty of specials readily available for your whole crew. Enjoy the dining experiences that come along with this beautiful city.
  6. San Diego: Known for some of the biggest parties ever in the southern Californian area, San Diego contains many luxuries of a city that will keep your attention no matter where you may be. Enjoy great deals on hotels and restaurants, along with all inclusive deals for your whole party. 

    Hit the Dance floor (

    The best nightclub I‘ve ever been to is the OHM in Hollywood.

    This club in the heart of Hollywood right at the Hollywood Boulevard and the well-known walk of fame has a huge dance floor, two stages, a very comfortable lounge area and enough space for smokers and people who just want to talk to each other or cool down. Two bars inside and one outside make it possible for you to refresh yourself with a cold drink. You even have the possibility to smoke a hookah outside (which is pretty expensive for $60). And the view is priceless and breathtaking.

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