Loes Aartsen,The Netherlands


This morning I saw a video of two women, who were in a fight with each other. One was a white woman from Holland and the other one was Muslim wearing a Hijab. The white woman was yelling to the other woman and she said very aggressive things about her Hijab. The Dutch woman wanted her to take her Hijab off. The Muslim woman asked why and the white lady became more and more aggressive. They got into a fight and in the end of the movie, you see how the Muslim is laying down on the ground without her Hijab. Why do people do these horrible things?


loesje 1

Since a lot of centuries ago, we have always had the fear of change, not to mention ‘the unknown’. Long time ago a lot of species and groups developed in their own way. The groups were not in contact with each other and everything on the other side, for example their living place, was their enemy. As a result of this, it led to prejudice and racism.

Upbringing and the media are the two biggest causes of racism. Parents start very early with telling things like morals and standards to their children and it will be in their minds forever. Children are very vulnerable for this, because their parents are their great example and they will believe everything they say. Even if they have good contacts or start to change their mind about ‘another’, they will always have it in their mind. The media is also a big cause of racism. If you watch the news, you will hear people say ‘us’ and ‘them’. This causes some kind of feeling that will separate groups. Also in a lot of movies you have stereotypes like the white hero, the black gang or the black corrupt cops.

loesje 2

These things are not good for the society. Everyone must see the other as equivalent. My opinion is that we can’t prejudice ‘other’ people. People who discriminate are just afraid and insecure, because they don’t know anything about it. When I meet people with these same kind of thoughts, I feel happy. Not everyone is a racist.

Loes Aartsen

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