Places Where We Can Eat In Santa Barbara

by Fiona Gauthier-FRANCE

I’ve been in Santa Barbara for 4 months. I have had time to discover different places where I can eat. I’m a international student I know how hard it can be for a stranger to live in another country because we miss our home food very much, especially when you come from France. In my opinion, it’s important to present some places where people can feel at home or feel comfortable eating  something new. Also when you are a student you are looking for something not too expensive.

What is the first thing you think of when you want to eat inexpensively? Of course, the answer will be the fast food and it’s true it’s the first place where we can eat cheaply. However, nowadays we need to think about our health and, as a result, we can find place low-priced  healthy food. First of all, in California it’s known that people are more concerned about their health. As a result we can find some places where we can eat natural organic food. I can recommend you to go to “The Natural Café.” It’s a really good place to eat fresh food. There are sandwiches, salads, soups, pasta, pizza…  All these things are cooked with very good ingredients and for a really reasonable price. My favorite is the “Roasted Turkey Sandwich” with fresh turkey breast with lettuce, sprouts, tomato, red onion, on 9-grain bread with dijon mustard and garlic mayo. It costs only $7.79 and it’s served with purple chips. This is really the best meal for me because it’s a big sandwich and I don’t need anything else.

Secondly, if you need a small snack you should go to “Backyard Bowls.” You can find fresh fruit there. There are really good smoothies. They also make bowls with fruits and other natural toppings. It’s the perfect place to have a snack and be healthy. If you want to go there, I suggest you to order the “Acai” smoothies. There are acai, banana, strawberry, blueberries, and apple juice. It costs only $4.96 for the small bowl and $6.46 for the large. There are really fresh smoothies, which are  perfect for  warm weather. They also have some really good breakfasts for people who like to eat fruit and yogurt. Moreover,   the atmosphere is nice, people are really friendly. It’s a good place to spend a good time with some friends.backyard bowl

Thirdly, the last restaurant  that I can recommend to you is the “Savoy Café & Deli .” This restaurant is known to have the best fresh salad bar in town. There are many choices so it can make everybody happy. You can find fresh elements for an easy breakfast and also good meals for lunch and dinner. It’s possible to make your own sandwich and choose the ingredients that you want. You won’t be disappointed with your sandwich. They offer a variety of over 43 hot and cold dishes that can be purchased individually by weight or chosen on paired on a combo plate. Moreover this place is located in downtown Santa Barbara.savoy cafe & deli

I hope that I gave you some good ideas to eat healthy for less expensive prices. I really recommend you to try these places if you like to eat healthy. Furthermore their atmospheres are really nice and you feel comfortable eating there.


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