Europe in Political and Economic Trouble

by Dominik

Some people speak about the third world war! Since 2010 Europe has very serious problems. There are many different problems, for example, the Ukraine-Russia war, the problem with the refugees, the terrorism-problem and the disintegration of the European Union.


The problem with the refugees and terrorism are connected because of the war in Iraq and Syria. It is in these two countries where many terrorism organizations, for example Al Qaida, IS/ISIS, Boko Haram and Ansar al-Scharia, they fighting for control and causing there peaceful citizens to flee. Because of these organizations, many refugees come to Europe. 13Angela Merkel said in an interview that the refugees are welcome in Europe, but actually she spoke only for Germany. She is not the ‘’President of Europe,’’ but sometimes she thinks  that. Now she is in trouble and the countries in Europe don’t want to host the refugees. France, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary …… so many countries have closed their borders. Germany is now alone with this problem!


I think Europe is in grave trouble and the EU is starting to collapse from the weight of the economic burden and destabilization of the way of life.16 It will cause crises and I am afraid the problems are too great to solve. First Europe should close the borders to new refugees and hopefully our economies will recover.  

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