What Comes After EF?

By Jennifer Spielmann, Switzerland

Before you’re starting with your study abroad, you aren’t thinking about anything els111e other than your upcoming journey, even when you know that you have no future plans after coming back from your long trip. After arriving at our destinations, we are all trying to enjoy the amazing time we have here in Santa Barbara, but sometimes while you are here with friends, you are starting to think about what is next, what is coming after EF when you go home. There are so many questions and only you can answer them.

222When I started here in EF Santa Barbara, I knew that when I was going home in February, that I would have to look for a job, but I thought it was a long way into the future, so why the rush? The months have passed and soon I am leaving this pretty place, still enjoying the time I have with my friends here, but I am also getting scared to go home because I don’t have a plan. I am not sure what I should do when I go back. The only thing I know now is that I have to look for a job so I can save some money to come to America again.

The process of deciding what you want to do is difficult but you have to go through it by yourself. Sure, you can ask somebody for 333help but still you have to know what you really want to do. I would say that this topic is very important to think about because it is our future. I have one more week here and I am trying to pack as many memories I can into the time left. I will work on my future when I get hom

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