Saying Goodbye to the Best Experience Ever

By Maria Reyes Gherardelli , Chile

It’s really hard to say goodbye to my new life , when I have just gotten used to it .I have my new friends, my new favorite places . Santa Barbara has become my new home.yyyyyyyyyy2

During my experience I have said goodbye to many friends who have left before me , but I hadn’t thought much about my own time to leave, that is until now, when  I realized that I  have only a few weeks left . On the one hand, going back home makes me happy because I will see my hometown friends, my family, and I will return to my old life in Chile .On the other hand I’ll miss Santa Barbara very much, this amazing experience where I met people from many countries, visited the most beautiful places in California, saw amazing sunsets, and, most importantly, I made really good friends who became my family.

Actually there is one thing I’m sure, when I go back home, my life  is not going to be the same.I’ll keep in my heart all the moments which I spent  here . I won’t say goodbye, I’ll just say see you soon SB.


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