Six Flags Magic Mountain

By Maria Villarejo from Paraguay

If you are a lover of roller-coasters Six Flags is the place for you! There are more than twenty big roller-coasters that you can enjoy.

The place is open to public from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM most days, but you can check in their open days in their official site. The price of the ticket can vary, depending on your age and how much advance time you buy it, too. There are also tickets for month or for all year.

They have the world’s longest hybrid coaster, almost 4 minutes of Ride Time in 5000 feet of track with two lift hills. This roller-coaster is called Twisted Colossus.


The tallest roller-coaster they have is called the LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom. The height of this attraction is 400 ft and the speed is 85 mph. To enter to this attraction you have to be 48 inches tall.

lex lu

For children, this place also has small roller-coasters and places with games where all the family can play. Another positive thing is that they have a lot of restaurants inside the park, so if you are hungry you can go to one of them at any moment. They have a lot of stores where you can buy souvenirs or presents, too.

I went there three weeks ago with EF and it was a great experience. The best thing is that it is not too far from Santa Barbara. It is in Ventura, 1 hour and a half away from Santa Barbara.

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