by Jennifer Spielmann, Switzerland

Before I came here to Santa Barbara I thought that I would al11ways have friendships with only Swiss people. At the beginning of the time here, I was literally doing everything with Swiss people, but after a month, I started to hang out with people from other countries, which was a very great way to get to know other cultures. I get to know new students in my classes every day, which also helps me to practice my English. The people are all kind and so friendly. I have had the best experience and the most wonderful adventure.

12It is going to be hard to say goodbye because we all have to leave one day, but what we can take with us is that we all will have friends all over the world now. So now I h13ave to go on a world trip. Through this adventure with EF we build new friendships, some of them will last long time and other will end, but at least we had the chance to get to know these amazing people.

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