~Johannes Enz von Leitner, Hannover/Germany



  1. the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    • prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

“a program to combat racism”

synonyms: racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobia,chauvinismbigotrycasteism

“Aborigines are the main victims of racism in Australia


Racism is commonly known by everybody as insulting minorities with prejudice in dumb and silly ways often executed by people with lower education levels and from a more isolated social background. But why do we have to think about racism daily and why do we have to read about racism and racial crimes so often in the newspapers?

Nowadays racism should be outdated and should not exist anymore, because the world today is globalized and modern and should know better. Of course, there are differences in different ethnicities by culture, religion, or certain habits in educating or raising of children and the youth, which we cannot be erased, but do we have to judge people over these simple criterions, like origin and religion? Racism is often against black people, or Muslims, Jews, Turkish people, or even people from other larger countries.People in Europe are prejudiced against people from the USA or from Asia as they have different views and expectations of us European nations and people originating there.

Maybe we can’t change racism because it is deeply rooted in the world’s history,racism2but we have to work harder to make a difference, at least for our children. We shouldn’t have to have racism in a modern and connected world. The internet has a big impact fighting racism by providing everybody with the same rights and possibilities, the ‘judge’ in the internet is the computer, and it doesn’t care if you are black or white, if you are Mexican or American, or about your language. That is the bright side.The opposite of this is that you can simply be very racist and hide yourself through anonymity and not recieve any punishment. It is like many parts in the modern world, on the one side we try to improve our political correctness, but on the other side, I had a lesson yesterday making jokes about political correctness and how people possibly can only screw it up, being “pc”. You cannot say one sentence without hurting someone if you are talking to overly sensitive people or there can be groups who are amused by racist jokes, whilst of course not meaning any harm by laughing about, “the Negro thief”, or “the banker Jew”…

There is a difference between racism and discrimination, in the way that discrimination is gong even further. Racism is a mindset and often can’t be changed easily. Discrimination occurs if a person with that mindset is in control/in charge and has the opportunity to lead or influence the group. Discriminating people is the act of excluding people because of their origin or because of certain customs or appearance.

In sports, they guard against racism, in the German Bundesliga (soccer league) they do advertisements against racism and stand together with the whole European soccer bound to fight racism, because in soccer or in sports in total there is no racism. You get rated by your skills and talent so you can get anywhere with hardworking! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ-63TwoL1g racism3

There are two sides to the whole racism debate and there are many people being overly sensitive and easily offended by any slightest overtone, but they have a point in talking about it and you have to tell people if their insulting comments are too much, otherwise they will never learn. So at every opportunity avoid sticky situations by not making jokes or hints in this direction, but don’t forget about bias by not talking about it! In any circumstance do not forget to talk about racism with your friends or your family; people won’t know if you never tell them! And ignorance is not the right cure, talk openly and tell them when you feel offended, otherwise nothing will change.

We all have to work together to eliminate racism in our future and world!racism4


Europe in Political and Economic Trouble

by Dominik

Some people speak about the third world war! Since 2010 Europe has very serious problems. There are many different problems, for example, the Ukraine-Russia war, the problem with the refugees, the terrorism-problem and the disintegration of the European Union.


The problem with the refugees and terrorism are connected because of the war in Iraq and Syria. It is in these two countries where many terrorism organizations, for example Al Qaida, IS/ISIS, Boko Haram and Ansar al-Scharia, they fighting for control and causing there peaceful citizens to flee. Because of these organizations, many refugees come to Europe. 13Angela Merkel said in an interview that the refugees are welcome in Europe, but actually she spoke only for Germany. She is not the ‘’President of Europe,’’ but sometimes she thinks  that. Now she is in trouble and the countries in Europe don’t want to host the refugees. France, Austria, Poland, Slovenia, Macedonia, Hungary …… so many countries have closed their borders. Germany is now alone with this problem!


I think Europe is in grave trouble and the EU is starting to collapse from the weight of the economic burden and destabilization of the way of life.16 It will cause crises and I am afraid the problems are too great to solve. First Europe should close the borders to new refugees and hopefully our economies will recover.  

2016 U.S.A. Presidential Elections

Luis Rafael Vernaza/ Ecuador

In 2015, the new presidential election started, which is now known as a controversial subject, since it has some interesting candidates that are either supported or completely ignored. In my opinion, I support the Democrats because they are not as extreme as the Republicans, and are actually giving illegal immigrants a chance to improve their lives.

One example of a Republican candidate is billionaire Donald Trump, who has gained the donald trumpsupport of most Republican followers and the dislike of most Democrats , as well as many Latinos. He has some rather unusual propositions, like building a wall that separates Mexico from the US, a wall which, as he puts it, will be made with the Mexican Government’s money. He also wants to deport all illegal immigrants, most of whom are Latinos, by also deporting their anchor babies, who were born in the US.

hillary clintonA candidate from the Democratic Party is Hillary Clinton. I believe that she could bring order to this country because her husband is ex-president Bill Clinton, which means that she was a First Lady, and already has some experience in politics. She has also recently stated that the US will help Europe in the recent Belgium terrorist attack. In the end, I hope that a democratic candidate eventually wins the elections because I believe they are what this country needs.