Refik Anadol

By: Lorena Pedraza , Colombia.

“The very complex thinking methodology needed in my work would not be possible without the support of technology companies and the visionary minds that are behind them.”

-Refik Anadol

Refik Anadol was born on 1985 in Istanbul,Turkey. Currently his works like professor and researcher in the University of California Los Angeles in the department of Design Media Arts. Some of his Academic achievements are a master of fine arts in Media from UCLA , from the Istanbul Bilgi University a master of fine arts in Visual Communication Design and a bachelors of arts with summa cum laude  in Photography and Video. He is  a media artist, director, designer and spatial thinker , who takes pools of data like a raw material for creates arts but for to filter and select the raw material one of his techniques is  using Artificial Intelligence, specifically machine learning algorithms.

Installation of “Machine Hallucination” by Refik Anadol at Artechhouse.

Usually his site-specific audio / visual performances  are projected on giant screens or projected onto walls or entire buildings because it for him the facades could be canvases, also it is so important that the public rethink in nowadays how all the technology’s shift changes our vision about the  architecture, aesthetics and space; for this reason his works represent the relation between architecture and media arts and society between technology. He is co-founder and design creator of Antilop.

Perfomace in Walt Disney Concert Hall by Refik Anadol

Some of his awards and prizes are UCLA Arts-Architecture Moss Award, Microsoft Research’s Best Vision Award,SEGD (Society of Experimental Graphic Design) Global Design Awards and Google’s Arts and Machine Intelligence Artist Residency Awards and so on. His performances was presented in LA (USA), Montreal( Canada), Istanbul (Turkey) ,Spain, Austria, Australia, etc.

“Clearly AI is a discovery of humanity that has the potential to make communities, or destroy each other.”

-Refik Anadol

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