Everyday, when we get something to eat, when we go to Starbucks and get one cup of coffee, or when we buy something and get stuff with plastic bags, after that we just throw plastic waste to trash can without thinking either where it is going to be or what if it is not going to be recycled or how it is going to affect the environment. In this article, we are going to write about how plastic waste is produced, how it is affecting the marine life and the consequences and solution.

Example: Vietnam pollute the great amount of the plastic waste into the ocean, which places the worlds 5 worst. Another Asian country also pollute the plastic into the ocean, for example China, Indonesia, Philippine, and Thailand. Vietnam pollute plastic into ocean and this number is between 28 and 73 million tons each year, which is about 6% of the world total plastic waste. This plastic waste amount is increasing ever year around 10 million tons each year. For example, nearly 250,000 tons of plastic waste is generated in the city called Ho Chi Minh each year, however, around 80% of them are recycled, or if the things get worse, it released into the sea or some other natural environment. As you can see on this picture, there are many plastic bags at the beach. One estimates shows that around 80% of plastic waste and plastic bags are released as a trash every day in Vietnam. Compared to 2010, Vietnam aimed to decrease 65% of non biodegradable plastic bags at the stores or shops by 2020 and also they try not to release non biodegradable plastic bags at all by 2026.

Marine life: when plastic waste is releases into the ocean, it badly affects marine life. Marine life for example, sea turtle mistakes plastic for food abs when they eat it, it damages their body, causes body disfunction and causes death. Plastic bags looks like jellyfish for them, so that they eat it without knowing it is not a food. Research was conducted by American and United Kingdom and Australian researchers. They found out that 102 sea turtles, which varies 7 types of kinds from Atlantic, Pacific, and Mediterranean, every single one of them had eaten plastic. Half of the sea turtles around the world had ingested plastic, scientists estimate.

「the beach」の画像検索結果
「ocean plastic」の画像検索結果

consequences: what is the consequenses? The consequenses are really bad, people dont really think about it because they dont see the ocean everyday.The fishes are dying, we are distroing our enviorment and we dont even know about that.we all spend our time at the beach to relax and have a fun time with family/friends, we bring food and drinks.bur what happends to the trash after? do they throw it away in a dustbin? No we dont because sometimes the plasticbags flys away with the wind and nobody would run after it.if we keep doing this there is gonna be nothing left of the fishes no life in the ocean

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