Michele, Italy

Nelson Mandela was born the 18th of July, in the 1918. He borned in a small village called Mvezo in South Africa. He studied Law at the University of the Witwatersrand in the 1943 and he was only black African student.

In the 1806 the British colonials starded a politicy of segregation towards the African peolple, to use them as slaves. In the 1910 the white people deserve all the political control.

The power exercised from white people to black people

It is imaginable, how the University experience was hard and full of racism acts towards him. Anyway in the 1950 he became the president of African National Congress Youth League (A.N.C.Y.L.). So he started to approach to the political things about his home country, and also about his people so he became an activist.

He takes part in protest, trying to return the rights to the African people, becoming an icon for the black people. This annoyed the powerful and also the U.S. govern, that`s why the C.I.A. helped the South Africa State to found him and to arrest him.

In 1962 he was arrested and charged with inciting workers` strikes and leaving the country without permission. He passed 27 years into 3 different jailhouse, without never giving up.

Madiba in prison

At the same time that he passed in prison, at home he had a big family waiting for him. He had 6 kids and 3 wifes.

Mandela`s family

In the 1990 he leaved the prison and giving all his self to the policy and to all his people, at the election of the 1994 he became the South African President. He was the first black president after a long time. He gave back the rights to the black people and he defeated the apartheid.

What I really admire about him is that he has managed to change a country without the use of violence.

Mandela while taking the oath

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