Pineapple Pizza, the BIGGEST Social Issue.

Gianluca Vecchi (Italy) and Benoit Stroobants (Belgium)

History of pizza,
The history of pizza has begun with the focaccia in the Antiquity.
Even in the beginning this dish has had an Italian background because it has been invented by Romans. Later, in the 18th century toppings have been added in Naples and that’s how modern pizza was born.

Pizza those days,
Now, pizza has evolved a lot and has completely changed from its past form. In the beginning the real pizza was what we now call the Margherita. Those days Margherita is not the norm anymore, people have started making pizza in many different ways.

The varieties of pizza,
Nowadays, pizza is made in many different ways. There’s no longer only tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil. A lot of strange toppings have been added on it, going from ham, salami, sausage, fish, mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, … and even PINEAPPLE.

Can pineapple coexist with regular pizza?
Even if in the food chain you can find really strange food, it is incredible that a lot of people like to eat that dish with pineapple that they are used to call “pizza”. That is harmful for the Italian culture and is usually called culture approbation. Have you ever seen pineapple growing in Italy? We both know the answer and that’s why I guess you all agree that this kind of pizza can’t coexist with real Neapolitan pizza.

So remember that: “Margherita” is the real and the one with pineapple can’t be called pizza!”.

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