A few simple physical exercises to enhance your learning

Nellie Robertsson, Sweden

For several years teachers have been preaching that there is no easy way to earn good grades, that the key to success is simply hard work and late evenings with repetitive homework. However, is this all of the truth?

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Neuroscientists have for many years informed us about the benefits of physical exercise and, if combined with learning, there will be positive effects on your memory skills. These positive effects first emerged in a research during the 1970s when researchers examined the possibility that exercise could be a support therapy for mentally ill patients. The researchers were examining mice and their performance in a maze task. Before the task, some of the mice were able to run on a wheel and the researchers instantly revealed that these particular mice performed much better in the maze task than the mice who did’nt use the wheel. This was the first indication that physical exercise does effect how the brain operates.

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Although, does this mean that we need to take a long run before every class to enhance our chances of better grades in school? No. Recent research demonstrate that a few simple exercises during or before class can improve your ability to memorize things and help the brain to make faster conclusions.

Here’s a few simple exercise to perform in the classroom to enhance your learning:

  1. Star Jumps
  2. Take a quick walk to a nearby cafe and grab a coffee before class
  3. A few squats up and down from your chair
  4. High knees
  5. Jump around on one foot
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So do yourself a favor, take a minute to do one of these simple exercises and you will both save time and improve your grades at the same time.

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