“Talking ‘bout war and rumors of war, Talking ’bout the coming of the wars maybe the time is not Far” (High on Fire)

Maria Cristina, Chile


“Because if one of the apples is rotten and you don’t throw it away, don’t come here to ask to me, why are  all the apples rotten“

said the United States President (Donald Trump) who decided to  not be part of the signed treaty in The Cold War anymore. The purpose of the treaty is to limit  most of the countries that were part of the Cold War to not build nuclear weapons. Now it is in a serious danger because  Russia randomly decided to not be part of this treaty either. The world is on alert and worried about what is going to happen, but if you don’t know what I’m talking about, let’s go to see what happened four weeks ago, when the U.S accused  Russia of violating the treaty, and that accusation gave rise to many debates and discussions that finally provoked both countries “to throw away this important treaty”.


(American (left) and Russian soldiers shake hands on April 24, 1945 at the destroyed bridge over river Elbe as both troops meet at Torgau, Germany)

And now that not one of these countries is part of this treaty, they  don’t have anything that can stop them from embarking on new nuclear weapons. The different governments around of the world are worried about what could be the next step of both countries. Then  a year ago the Russian debuted their new nuclear weapon, Sarmat ballistic rocket .and that doesn’t have any limit of distance.The world is intrigued about what is going to be the next step and what will the world do to surprise us.


(One of the pictures that the Russian government public)

But the most important for us is ‘what do you think about it? Do you think that they are going to attack each other? Well, in this moment most of the people is just intriguing. about what the government is going to decide but most of the people don’t really see Russia like a possible threat. and they even think that in a time all is going to get better and this two amazing countries are going to have a friendly relationships in the future.

But in this moment when we asked to the people. they are more worried about the nuclear weapons in north Korea and Kim Jong-Un. and if he it is reflect on about do a new movement about nuclear weapons. the people still a pretty worried about it because as we know they hadn’t been show some wish of be part of some kind of treaty for avoid the nuclear weapons and even if the meeting of two weeks ago where both countries had a really friendly manners in comparison of the meeting of January, where the situation was really no-cool, especially for the hard comments of president Donald trump on twitter were toward direct and explicit about north Korea and his leader, both countries showed really positive about this and think that this can be the first step for the denuclearize but even with this conspicuous progress we have to remember ”if you don’t give water to the flowers they will never bloom”.


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