The Differences between France and the USA

I would like to talk about the difference between France and USA.

I come from to France and it’s important for me explain the big difference between two big countries in the world.

In a first time I would like to talk about the Police:

In France. The Police aren’t respected because the authority is not applied and the punishements remains very lax.

In the USA the Police is very respected and the authority is most present.
The punishements are very strong, but it’s a good idea to show the example and not give second chance.

In second topics I would like to talk about the mentality:

France is a country with a bad mentality , the French people, not every people, but a big part complain because there are  lot of taxes and disadvantages.

During the past far months ,  the concept “Yellow jacket” is protesting only saturday in every center all city to France.

The french people demonstrate for lowering the price of gasoline but after two month the President of Republic France decided to maintain this new price by promising not to increase it but not to reduce and  increases by 100 Euros on the minimum salary but the french people want even more.

The United States has a different mentality but it remains better than that of France because the American people do not complain and work maybe more. Americans are happy for those who have more than them. In France a citizen rolls in a beautiful car the French are going to ask how to make sure he does not roll in a nice car, while in the United States it’s the opposite Americans will ask how I can do for to ride in a nice car like him.

To conclude, there is a lot of jealousy in France because some French do not accept the success of some.


Sacha Ivars , France


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