Do Mistakes Control Our Lives?

Alicia Rank, Germany

“Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives?”  – Carrie Bradshaw 

We all learn from former mistakes, right? Or should we at least? Will we maybe make the same mistakes again, just because we don’t care about the consequences, or the consequences weren’t that bad the last time? But, how bad must consequences get until we wouldn’t repeat our actions?

What if it’s not the person itself who controls what comes next? The question is, if everything’s already written in the stars, do we have any power to decide for ourselves, who know’s… Is a higher power such as God setting our destiny? It depends on what we believe in, either in god who set’s our way in stone, or in free will and that everyone of us can decide where our future should lead to.

Let’s say there is someone who controls our future and our decisions. Automatically, this person is then responsible for all those bad things that happen in the world, right? How should we explain the “bad” to a child? Should we tell them that God and the Devil are playing chess and sometimes God wins and sometimes the Devil? If we are not sure ourselves what to believe in, how should we explain this complexity to another person, especially a child? I mean nobody deserves bad fate anyways.

Might karma be the solution for everything? The system of karma is quite easy. If you do and behave well, good is what you get. If you behave badly, karma will bring revenge.

So now it’s up to you, in what do you believe in. But remember, everything you do could come back to you, either the good or the bad. My advice to you: do you whatever your heart desires, but be aware of the consequences which might follow. No matter if you believe in a set path, always try your best and make as many exciting choices and memories as you can.

Love, Alicia

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