My First Five Weeks in Santa Barbara


Tim Lerch Switzerland

My name is Tim, and I come from Switzerland in a small town in Bern. I am 19 years old. I have a big Sister and her name is Julia and she is 21 years old. My inspiration to come to Santa Barbara was my sister because she was here too with EF and she told me, it is e perfect experience.

I like Santa Barbara so much, because its a beautiful city, the people are lovely and my Host family is also very good. I had a little culture shock because the cleanliness, but it is not that bad.

I’m really happy because i meet some new friends, and do big things with them, for example go to the beach or do an bonfire, go to Isla Vista and make party or just a little shopping tour or just hang around.

I love Carpinteria and their beach, its so beautiful. I like the beach in Santa Barbara too.

My Host family lives in Goleta. Goleta is also a very beautiful city. The only negative point is the bad bus connection, sometimes we have to walk for maybe 30 minutes and that is not so cool.

Anyway i enjoy my time here and I dont want to go back home yet. I want to visit San Fransico and Los Angeles to visit Dineyland and things like that. I’m also very excited for Halloween, i thinks its very cool in America. The time goes fast….

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